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We like to care for our customers with good old-fashioned, one-on-one service. If you're not near a retailer give us a call at 443.987.6051 to place your order. We'll be happy to get our products into your home!

Our History


I have always had the belief that the whole point of cooking is to enjoy the total experience. When I “retired” I challenged myself to live out my passion for cooking by developing sauces whose flavor would surpass any comparable product in the market. My partner Bob and I took my sauces to several catering events and family gatherings, we even gave it away for the ultimate tasting by ordinary people. The results were the same! We were told it was great enough to put the “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy” brand in the retail market.


Today, I’m blessed to have family and friends encouraging me to create gourmet sauces that incorporate fresh, simple ingredients in perfect harmony; sauces that enhance the real flavor of beef, poultry, fish or vegetables... where, with the addition of “She’s Hot, He’s Spicy”, even a finger food becomes a captivating appetizer. My sincere hope is to leave you with a memorable eating experience, as well as an easy to remember brand.


Leslie Moore

Owner, Moore Sauces by Leslie

She's Hot, He's Spicy


Using fresh horseradish as our main ingredient and infusing Leslie's special blend of spices, Moore's creates this crowdpleasing sauce in small batches with an unmatched quality and flavor not duplicated in mass produced brands. Moore's delivers the flavor!

Great paired with seafood, beef, pork, and poultry. Call your friends, it's time to eat!

Allergens: Soybean Oil and Eggs


Fresh ingredients and select premium herbs combine to make this flavorful creation by Moore Sauces by Leslie. It's gourmet without the pomp and circumstance - delicious without the drum roll. You've never tasted anything like it! We promise this sauce will feed your senses!

Great paired with seafood, pork, and poultry. It has become a favorite sauce for vegetarian recipes too! 

Allergens: Soy and Eggs

Barbecue Sauce


This is the first creation that Leslie made. Making it in small batches at home, she made the barbecue sauce specifically for a local pit beef stand. Neighbors and friends insisted on getting her sauce for their own home use and it got Leslie thinking bigger.

This bold barbecue sauce has a little something extra and only uses the best ingredients! From her house to yours - you'll love this on beef, poultry, and even pork! And don't forget - a little BBQ Sauce can turn that Portobello mushroom burger into the sophisticated dish you desire.

Sweet Heat Red Pepper

Following the promise to deliver to our customers products with unmatched quality, Leslie brings you her crowd pleasing Sweet Heat Red Pepper Sauce.

Again - Moore's delivers the flavor!

Our most versatile sauce is good with seafood, beef, pork, poultry, and even...

desserts! We get more recipes from fans sending us their homemade creations with this sauce than any of our other sauces. Check out the recipe page for some truly unique and gourmet ideas!

Applewood Smoke 

Leslie presents another crowd pleasing sauce!


Using the essence of Smoked Applewood, Leslie's newest creation titillates the taste buds of any serious foodie out there. All of her fans responded in unison that she definitely hit the nail on the head with this amazing creation. Although it's new we've found it pairs with salmon, poultry, and pork very well!

Can be used with seafood, pork, and poultry. Let us know how you use it!


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